Family Law Attorney

Stephen G. Viegas has been practicing in the Probate and Family Court for more than four decades.  He has helped hundreds of clients navigate divorce and other disputes in the family courts.

Having a matter pending in Probate and Family Court is very taxing on one's personal and spiritual life.  Recognizing this, Attorney Viegas works from the outset to de-escalate tensions and emotions so that the parties may engage in a meaningful dialogue aimed at achieving a mutually satisfactory resolution of their case.

Negotiating a settlement and avoiding unnecessary litigation doesn't mean that you have to give up your rights.  Attorney Viegas uses his 40+ years of experience to advise his clients fully of their rights and what approach is most practical in the family courts.

Attorney Viegas is also a trained divorce mediator, assisting couples resolve their differences without litigation in the family court.

Attorney is available for an initial consultation at a reasonable introductory rate.

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